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Eyelash serum 1.5 ml / 3 ml

CANALASH by NUTRALASH Eyelash Formula plus hemp oil
  • CANALASH: The new eyelash serum generation with CBD. The Nutralash effect now with rich hempseed oil!
  • More fullness, thickness and elasticity for your lashes!
  • Visible results after just 3-6 weeks
  • Particularly skin compatible
  • Less reddening
  • Vegan ingredients
  • Sustainably produced
  • Rich in hempseed oil

The Nutralash technology — visible results after just a few weeks!

Special oligopeptides and a latest generation eicosanoid effectively extend the growth phase and boost the potential of your eyelashes. Vitamins strengthen the hair root while polysaccharides ensure strength and flexibility. An entire cocktail of secondary plant substances (including ginseng and flavonoids from red clover) palpably nourish and care for the eyelashes.

The power of the rich hempseed oil!

The cannabodiol (CBD) contained in high concentrations in hempseed oil has long been a superstar in both the world of cosmetics and in foods. In Canalash, it promotes cell regeneration and acts in a naturally balancing and anti-inflammatory manner. This means it counteracts the reddening and skin irritation caused by use from the outset.

The vegan formula — for greater animal welfare!

All of the ingredients in CANALASH are free from components of animal origin, so it’s the right choice as part of a vegan lifestyle.

The great advantages of HYDRO-SULUBILISATION!

With this technology, all components are permanently and homogeneously emulsified with one another – for a constantly even distribution of the active ingredients – from the first to the last drop of the serum!

Sustainability in production

We are focusing increasingly on sustainability in production — from the label to the pen to the packaging — most of it already comes from eco-certified suppliers.

Customers reviews
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I ordered both products together as a test package at the last BEAUTYFORUM. My experience so far: Nutracana Face Cream smells nicely discreet and fresh (not artificial, probably due to its short list of ingredients) and it creates a good skin feeling, rather like a balm than a cream. I use it now as an aftershave lotion, as it is defintely soothing and not greasy at all. Canalash: I also happen to use eyelash serums (mainly to keep my eyebrows in shape), some of which I have been reacting sensitively to. I took Canalash really well. I will continue to report regarding the effect on my lashes and brows. So far, however, full marks :)
Oliver G.
So far I only knew NUTRALASH from my beautician, which is not available in stores, but with which I have had the best growth successes so far. Of course, I was curious when I heard that they had turned it into an eyelash serum containing CBD. Especially on what the hemp additive does in there. Have now continued with Canalash for 6 weeks. It worked great!
Rita B.