Face cream 30 ml

NUTRACANA Face Cream Nano-Emulsion CBD + SWISS PINE
  • The NANO-EMULSION by NUTRACANA has managed to encapsulate the non-water-soluble Cannabidiol in hemp seed oil and, together with the pinosylvin in the Swiss Pine, optimise it into a whole complex with high bioavailability! Studies show: NUTRACANA calms, smoothes, regenerates and tones the skin
  • In tests, wound healing improved by up to 50%
  • Discolouration caused by melanin and haemoglobin was decreased by up to 17.8%
  • The 3D imaging system AEVAHE® (in strip projection) showed a reduction of 28% in the number of wrinkles, a reduction in skin roughness of 6.5% compared to a placebo and a decrease in the visibility of the wrinkles on the forehead.

The NANO-EMULSION of rich hemp oil and extracts of the Swiss Pine

Superstar CBD: The cannabidiol naturally obtained from Swiss hemp combines four properties that protect and improve the skin: it effectively promotes the regeneration of the cells and wound healing, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, it calms the skin and it decreases oxidative processes.

Effects of CBD:

  • Anti-inflammatory: less NF-kB and TNF-a (signalling substances for cell death) – Wound healing/regeneration: greater formation of keratin 16 and 17
  • Skin calming: inhibits the pain receptor TRPV1
  • Antioxidant skin protection: more Nrf2 (improves cell reproduction following oxidative stress)

The Swiss pine („Pinus cembra”) grows extremely slowly in great heights under the most difficult of conditions and withstands constant cold and strong wind. Its highly specialised metabolism produces the substance pinosylvin, which can be obtained from its wood using a sustainable process. It belongs to a group known as stilbenes and can repel both pathogens and the harmful impacts of both ozone and UV radiation.

The strengthening effect of NUTRACANA NANO EMULSION in studies:

• FEWER WRINKLES AND BLEMISHES, LESS REDDENING: In one test group (20 and 21 women respectively aged between 38 and 65), a 2% Nutracana Nano Emulsion was applied twice daily over a period of 28 days, and in the other group a placebo was applied. The 3D imaging system AEVAHE® (strip projection) showed: the number of wrinkles reduced by 28% with Nutracana and smoothing increased by 6.5% compared to the placebo group. The colour analysis using RBX technology showed the following in the same group: melanin (brown colour) in the skin decreased by 13.7% and haemoglobin (red colour) decreased by 17.8%.

• ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES: In the test, the effect of the nano emulsion of CBD and Swiss pine extract on the release of the inflammatory messenger substance PGE2 was measured. The results showed that 0.1% of the emulsion inhibited the release of PGE2 in the keratinocytes significantly (84% inhibition).

• ACCELERATION OF TISSUE REGENERATION: the following was applied to an injured skin cell culture: 0.004% nano emulsion, CBD dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide (same concentration) and epidermal growth factor EGF, which is standard in cell cultures (10 ng/ml). The results showed that the cells treated with the Nutracana Nano Emulsion were able to regenerate into a closed formation up to twice as quickly as those treated with the comparison solutions.

Customers reviews
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I ordered both products together as a test package at the last BEAUTYFORUM. My experience so far: Nutracana Face Cream smells nicely discreet and fresh (not artificial, probably due to its short list of ingredients) and it creates a good skin feeling, rather like a balm than a cream. I use it now as an aftershave lotion, as it is defintely soothing and not greasy at all. Canalash: I also happen to use eyelash serums (mainly to keep my eyebrows in shape), some of which I have been reacting sensitively to. I took Canalash really well. I will continue to report regarding the effect on my lashes and brows. So far, however, full marks :)
Oliver G.
So far I only knew NUTRALASH from my beautician, which is not available in stores, but with which I have had the best growth successes so far. Of course, I was curious when I heard that they had turned it into an eyelash serum containing CBD. Especially on what the hemp additive does in there. Have now continued with Canalash for 6 weeks. It worked great!
Rita B.